Art Whisper

Your personal guide to art and culture 


About Art Whisper

The Art Whisper app enhances the way you experience art and culture, telling you automatically all the relevant information about an art piece as you view it in realtime.  

Unlike other audio art guides, with Art Whisper you never have to bother looking up the correct item number, scan an RFID tag or struggle to read the information about the artwork.

With Art Whisper you are free to move around and give your full undivided attention to the art you love while you learn about it.  

Besides cancelling out distractions, Art Whisper also remembers all the artworks you’ve seen so you can easily review their info and description at any time or place. Moreover, as you gradually view more art, the app will gain an understanding of your art taste and give you relevant suggestions for works and exhibitions you might like to see around you.

Art Whisper utilises the latest in beacon technology to know when a viewer is in proximity of an art piece. All content can be downloaded in advance, allowing users to access the app also when they do not have an internet connection. 

Last but not least, the app is easy to use. 
Just download it to your phone, put on your headset and walk around!



Art Whisper can be utilised by cities, museums, galleries or any other cultural institute that wants to make their artwork more accessible to the public. The features of the app include:       




For the end user Art Whisper is free and can be used in any city or cultural venue that is in cooperation with the app.

For cities and cultural institutes the costs depend on how many artworks are featured, complexity of beacon instalment and how much data is incorporated.

Please get in touch with us to learn more and get an estimate!